What procedures will MyLaserLoan pay for? Can I get a loan for laser tooth whitening?

MyLaserLoan offers financing solutions for nearly every laser-related surgical procedure. We can also help you find financing for laser tooth whitening or other laser dental treatments. If you do not see your procedure listed, we still may be able to find financing for you.

What types of financing programs do you offer?

MyLaserLoan.com can connect you with a wide range of financing options for all types of credit.

How do I find a surgeon or clinic in my area? Can you refer me to a surgeon?

MyLaserLoan.com has a vast network of surgeons and clinics that we work with and we would be happy to help you find a provider in your area

What are the current interest rates for MyLaserLoan?

Your interest rate will depend on a number of factors including your personal credit history.

What are your credit requirements?

Our application was designed to service a broad range of credit profiles, and well-qualified applicants may be able to choose from multiple financing options. We can provide easy, low-monthly payment plans so that you can take your large bill and cut it down to an easy to handle, low monthly payment.

How do I Check My Rate?

Simply click here to fill out our online application or call our toll-free number:

How much will my monthly payments be?

That depends on which financing option you choose. MyLaserLoan matches you up with a wide range of different financing options based on your unique credit profile. Depending on your credit history, the size of the loan, the processing fees, and the interest rate of the particular loan you select, your monthly payments may vary.

Once your application has been approved and signed, you will be provided with your monthly repayment schedule.

Do all clinics and surgeons accept financing?

We do our best to work with surgeons and clinics to handle all of the payment arrangements. If your surgeon or clinic is not currently a part of the MyLaserLoan network, simply add their name and phone number to your application and one of our representatives will contact their office directly to set up payment.

If you have not selected a surgeon or clinic and would like a free consultation, call us here: 1-888-502-8085.