Laser Hair Restoration

Most people think of hair removal when they think of lasers, but recent discoveries in the field of hair loss have found that lasers at very low power have been shown to encourage hair growth. The low level laser light stimulates cells and reactivates protein processes in the follicle that can improve the growth of existing hair as well as rejuvenate areas that have stopped growing.

Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLT, laser hair restoration has been shown to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate hair loss in both men and women. Low level lasers are sometimes called “cold lasers” or “soft lasers” because they do not emit heat or damage tissue.

Laser hair restoration is a non-surgical painless treatment that has been shown to accelerate hair growth and re-activate dormant hair follicles. It has also been successful at interrupting hair loss and strengthening existing hair.

Many hair restoration clinics now offer low level laser hair restoration therapy as an alternative to drugs or surgical hair transplantation.

Low level laser hair restoration therapy may not work for everyone. If your hair loss has already progressed to the point where the skin is smooth and completely free of hair, LLT is probably not going to be strong enough to give significant results.

However, if your hair loss is still in the early stages, low level laser hair restoration could be a great solution for helping to stop further loss and regrow hair that has already fallen out. You should consult your physician to determine whether or not LLT or laser hair restoration would be a viable option for helping you regrow your hair.

How Much Does Laser Hair Restoration Cost?

The total price of laser hair restoration treatment can depend on the size of the area that needs to be treated, your choice of clinic, and your geographic location.

Laser Hair Restoration Financing

If you need assistance paying for all or part of the cost of your laser hair restoration treatment, there could be financing available if you qualify. MyLaserLoan has a unique lending platform that may be able to approve more applicants than traditional financing options. Simply check your rate online – you’ll receive a fast decision and could qualify to have the freedom to choose the plan that best fits your budget. Now you can take the large cost of your laser hair restoration procedure and cut it down into an easy to handle, low monthly payment.